Myringoplasty surgery to fix a perforated eardrum

Perforated eardrums might occur in many different people at any point in time. The level of perforation – the crack or hole might depend on the actual cause and based on that, the suitable method of correction would be chosen. Myringoplasty has been found to be an effective way to address the problem of perforated eardrums.

Perforated eardrums can easily become severe and result in intense pain and discomfort. There are many warning signs to look out for as possible indicators of a problem associated with perforated eardrum. In most cases, there might be an injury that leads to perforated eardrums and in others, the cause might be an infection. When the eardrum is damaged, this might leave the inner ear canal exposed to outside pollutants and thus increases the possibility of further infections.

Myringoplasty as the Perfect Answer

A perforated eardrum might lead to hearing issues. There are milder cases as well which are known to resolve by themselves. The doctor would identify the severity of the condition and prescribe the right treatment plan.

For those cases where immediate correction is required, a Myringoplasty might be recommended. The surgery is done mostly for those cases where the hole
caused by the infection is large enough to cause secondary infections.

Understanding the Procedure

There are various ways in which the surgery is performed and the overlay and underlay techniques are the most common. Both involve giving the patient general anesthesia. For rare cases where the problem is benign, a local anesthetic might be given.

The surgery also requires a graft of the patient’s skin in order to fill up the damaged area in the eardrum. The graft would then be processed in order to prepare it to be planted in the area being corrected.

The names underlay and overlay indicate the placement of the graft on the eardrum. In the underlay method the graft is placed on the inner surface and in the overlay method, the graft would simply be placed on the outside of the eardrum. The size of the incision and the position varies based on the chosen technique.

The real benefit of getting myringoplasty done is the reduction of ear infections. That is applicable for those patients who have persistent events of eardrum infections and damage leading to the infections in the inner ear which might even be accompanied by the discharge of fluid from the ears.

The surgery has become quite common now and the success rate has drastically increased. With the advancements in healthcare technology, correcting perforated ears is a safe and reliable treatment. After the treatment is completed, you will be given a few instructions to follow to ensure optimal health. Following this instructions will help improve your rate of recovery and your overall results.

Placing the graft in the designated area is essential for providing support. The graft will stay in place and slowly grow to naturally fill up the void caused by the infections or injuries. Given that the patient’s own tissues are used, there is little to no risk of the graft being rejected.

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