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Paediatric and adult hearing assessment and counselling

Northern Beaches Audiology provides a full range of audiological tests (both behavioural and objective) aimed at determining your hearing acuity. Our clinic can accommodate anyone from paediatrics to adults and our fully qualified clinicians can determine which is the best testing procedure to use on a case-by-case basis.

Hearing impairments in children can not only affect them in the short-term, but can have lasting effects on their communication skills into adulthood.

It is not only crucial for children, but for adults to also have their hearing tested regularly to monitor the overall health of your ears and hearing ability.

Should any medical or hearing problems be detected, further investigation by our onsite Ear, Nose and Throat specialist may be warranted. Following medical review, further rehabilitation may be needed and our friendly audiologists are here to discuss your hearing options with you further.

VROA testing is typically completed with children developmentally aged from 7 months to 2½ years (a fair level of concentration and head control is required on the day) and in conjunction with other objective tests. Children are taught to provide a response (usually a head turn) to frequency specific tones from a speaker. If the child positively responds to the sound, a visual reward is given (e.g. puppet). VROA testing is usually a fun experience for the child and once conditioned, can provide the clinician with important information about their level of hearing.

Play Audiometry is similar to adult testing but is adapted to providing information about the type of degree of hearing loss in children and individuals who have difficulty completing standard audiometric tests.  Completed using headphones, this test involves encouraging the child to provide a “play response” to auditory stimuli (e.g. marble race, stamping). Often done in conjunction with objective testing, Play Audiometry can provide the clinician with information about how well the child is hearing or if medical intervention is required. 

Prior to beginning a new job, some employers require their employees to undertake health and hearing assessments. Sydney Hearing Services can provide testing for pre-employment as well as regular tests for future monitoring.

All testing is fast and easy to complete. It is done in compliance with the NSW Police Force guidelines, and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Class 1 or 3 medical certificate.

Before undertaking some medical procedures or beginning certain medications, your specialist may require you to have a ‘pre-operative’ hearing screening to determine your baseline hearing.

Following the medical intervention or medication use, reassessment is warranted to review any changes with hearing. This test is usually completed just prior to seeing your specialist again.

Pre and post-operative testing is available for both adults and children. 

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