We offer a full range of hearing services

Our comprehensive range of diagnostic hearing services are available for both adults and children.

Hearing Tests

We do hearing tests that consist of 7 parts. This helps us give you individualized information about how well you hear.

Ear Plugs

Northern Beaches Audiology offers a wide range of custom made plugs to ensure a good fit and feel while protecting your ears.

Hearing Aids

While unable to fully replace the unique workings of the ear, hearing device technology is constantly developing and aims to improve your quality of life by enhancing listening comfort and ease.

Ear Wax Removal

​Wax (or cerumen) is naturally secreted from glans in the ear canal and are critical in protecting the inner portions of the ear from bacteria, dirt and fungus.

Children’s Hearing

If a child has hearing problems, it is best to act quickly and get help. This will prevent any lasting damage to the child’s hearing.

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Feel free to contact the clinic to arrange a full diagnostic hearing assessment with one of our audiologists. 

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