Hearing Aids

Improving hearing and your quality of life

While unable to fully replace the unique workings of the ear, hearing device technology is constantly developing and aims to improve your quality of life by enhancing listening comfort and ease.

Hearing Aids Type

As there are many options and models available to choose from, our qualified audiologists will determine the best device for you based on your hearing results, lifestyle and specific listening needs. Typically, a hearing aid(s) will be recommended but in some circumstances, specialised assistive listening devices (ALD) may be discussed.

Broadly speaking, people who spend greater amounts of time in ‘demanding listening situations’ and background noise will require more sophisticated hearing devices compared with people who are in quiet situations more or at home.
The last factor which is discussed when choosing a hearing device is your budget; our clinicians will strive to recommend a device which best suits your listening lifestyle and which also falls within your budget. 

Hearing Aid Styles

A variety of aid styles and shapes are available to suit different hearing losses. The shapes and styles of devices often influence their functionality and not all device styles suit all hearing losses.

Completely In The Canal (CIC)

One of the smallest device styles, the only part of these units which can be seen from outside the ear is their small retrieval ‘handle’ which is used for insertion of the device into the ear.

In The Ear (ITE)

These units are custom made and fit within the outpour portion of the ear and vary in size depending on the wearer’s ear canal.

Receiver In The Canal (RIC)

With the device body sitting behind the outer ear and only a small speaker sitting within the ear canal (to reduce sound distortion), these are the most comfortable and cosmetically appealing of all the device styles.

Behind The Ear (BTE)

The aid sits behind the ear and is coupled with either a slim tube with a dome or a custom earmould which sits in the ear. This is the more traditional style of hearing device.

Hearing aid fittings from a range of leading manufacturers

Should a hearing impairment be uncovered during our investigations, we can provide tailored hearing solutions to optimise your listening abilities in every day life. Hearing devices or hearing aids are assistive devices which aim to increase the wearer’s ability to understand speech and improve your quality of life. There are a variety of types, features, manufacturers and options available and our clinicians choose the best suited device based on your lifestyle, degree of hearing loss and listening needs.

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